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Deploying a Node.js Application on Digital Ocean Using dokku

Today I’m going to cover a possible solution you can follow to deploy your node.js application to a Digital Ocean droplet running dokku. We’ll also use floating IPs along with Cloudflare to serve content over TLS. I’ll assume you’re familiar with node.js/express applications already and have purchased your domain. You can find the sample express app here. Note: At the time of this article, Digital Ocean’s one-click dokku image is using version 0.

Using the Correct SSH Keys for Multiple Hosts

I recently ran into the issue of managing my ssh keys across different organizations. And yes by recently I do mean that I have been using my personal ssh key at work too… What we want to do is separate your personal ssh key from your work ssh key, and have git respect this by project. I’ll be using gitlab in the examples. Replace with github, bitbucket, etc as you see fit.